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The internet is changing, the technology is changing, the way we access information on a daily bases is changing. The social networking sites took ‘control’ of the internet in the sense that people spend more time on them than on any other web site. Last year we have seen Facebook taking over from Google in the number of visitors. In the amount of time spent on the site, in the amount of interactions, or measured in any other way, the social media sites are on top.

What did it mean the change to the internet users behaviour mean the recruitment?

The more time spent on the social media sites meant that the classic jobs boards are losing their appeal. Since early months in 2008, the traffic on the jobs sites started declining. Facebook growth reached a fastest rate of any other web site ever in the history of the Internet. Today it still holds that position. In the last 3 years, the average job site have lost more than half of its traffic held in January 2008.

How does Jobs Board help you recruit today?

Jobs Board has a goal to enable recruiters to reach to those job seekers that simply do not go to the job sites any more, while still making sure the others who still use job boards are reached to as well. It enables a recruiter to post to the main social media sites and all the Irish job sites – with a single click.

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