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Jobs Board finalist in the Irish Executives: Inspire Ireland Competition

We are proud to be shortlisted as one of the 7 finalists of the Inspire Ireland competition by Irish Executives. Irish executives is organised as a LinkedIn group that has 9,393 members today. Being the largest network of Irish Executives on any Social Media platform, it represents the true voice of the executives in Ireland.

The Inspire Ireland competition is:
" to encourage Irish Executive members to develop an inspiring business idea that will result in wealth creation and jobs in Ireland.".

Congratulations to all Inspire Ireland finalists:
George Howlett - Safefood 360
Govind Basnet - e-MissionManagement
Mark Sugrue - Kinesense Ltd
Lochlann Scott - Helplink Support Services Ltd
Ivan Stojanovic - JobsBoard
Denis Sheehy - Inspire Renewable Technologies

Seven finalists selected from all entries will compete in an online event on December 12th 2011 between 12-1pm GMT. The competition will be held live on Irish Executives TV.

Let the best man win!


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