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The Recruitment Un-conference #truDublin starts tomorrow. The #tru is my favourite recruitment conference and I tend to attend it whenever I can. Wherever it is. @BillBoorman is the founder and the organiser. Bill is unique and simply great at what he does. He also gets a local help wherever he takes the #tru conference. The #truDublin is organised by Jonathan Campbell @socialtalent and to be honest, I couldn’t think of anyone else who would do the job better than Johnny!

So far #tru was in a long list of cities, and I had the pleasure to attend quite a few of them. After the #truDublin we go to #truBudapest next where  Balazs Paroczay @TheBalazs is a local organiser.

I usually lead track that is related to SEO. In the last few years the SEO have been changing at the very fast pace. I just realised how different those discussions have been on the different conferences. In fact thinking back about what we have been doing just a couple years ago is completely irrelevant and we actually do the opposite today. And still call it the same: “The SEO”!

On the #truDublin this week I lead a track called: Recruitment SEO.
What it really means today is:
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO) of your recruitment agency web site
  • SEO of your Company Careers web site
  • SEO of your recruitment blog Impact of the HTML5 on your web site
  • SEO 10% of web traffic is mobile. What is different with mobile SEO?
  • Google+ products that (drastically) effect your SEO How social media affects your SEO post Panda, Penguin, Zebra and other Black&White Google updates
  • OAuth
  • … and a few more secret toppics you can hear about on #TruDublin “Recruitment SEO” track.

What the Recruitment SEO track is NOT about:
  • How to tweet your jobs to increase your SEO?
  • How to post your jobs in your Facebook to increase your SEO?
  • How to Post your jobs in LinkedIN status updates to increase your SEO?
  • How to publish your videos on YouTube to increase your SEO?

What the Recruitment SEO track is definitely NOT about:
  • iPhone recruitment apps
  • Android recruitment apps
  • Mobile versions of your web site

If there is anything else you would like me to cover – just let me know either in advance, or just shout tomorrow.

Hope to see you there at #TruDublin Recruitment SEO track!
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CareerZoo - The recruitment and jobs fair, Dublin 2012

2012 could be the year the economy start coming back actually!

The early signs of uplift ARE here. It could still be seasonal, but the last couple of months have been better for a long list of companies than any single month in the last 3 years. There is an uptake in investments in the future. I see companies looking to go to the new markets, and doing it in the radical ways. Modern and new skills are in demand, and there is plenty of employers super-hungry for the staff. Such was the atmosphere on the recent careers and jobs fair in Dublin: CareerZoo.

Organised by Brian Ó hOisín and Jackie Slattery who do it really, really well the CareerZoo 2012 was a true success over the last two days. On one side there was a long cue to enter that with the great organisation worked quite well so the cue was moving really fast. On the other side there was a long list of companies looking to collect the CVs of the perspective candidates. There have also been some educational institution offering up-skilling as well.

What was different from this careers fair and the last few ones I was invited to was that CareerZoo over the weekend had more positivity than any similar event in a long time. It wasn’t one of those ‘Work in Australia’ type of the events that we keep on hearing about a bit too much lately (for my taste), but a really positive and local recruitment event. With real jobs, and PLENTY of them in all different sectors and what’s even more important different locations in Ireland.

Speaking independently with the HR and staffing managers and job seekers, but have seemed extremely positive after the event. Booth groups actually looked exhausted yesterday. Employers have been very happy with the CVs collected and job seekers all agreed that this was well worth visiting, simple because there is a job for everyone. There have been a lot of IT companies, but the jobs have been offered in a vast range of disciplines and skills required.

I even got some goodies (like it is pre DotCom!) – more about hat on my personal ‘Jobs Blog’. The goodies on the fairs are the sign,… the Doom & Gloom days might be replaced with something completely different in 2012!

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